Export to Jordan C-shaped steel solar panel bracket machine

2024-06-11 14:44:01 57

The C-shaped steel solar panel bracket is a structural system specifically designed to provide stable support for solar panels, ensuring that they are securely installed in the optimal position to maximize sunlight absorption and its conversion into electricity. These support systems are typically installed on rooftops, ground, or any other location that can effectively receive sunlight.  


The C-shaped steel solar panel bracket machine exported to Jordan is capable of producing two standard size products, which are 41*20 mm and 41*40 mm. The materials used for the brackets have thicknesses of 1.5 mm and 1.8 mm, which are designed to ensure structural stability while also considering material cost-effectiveness. To meet the specific requirements of the order, the machine is equipped with a 3-ton manual decoiler and a forming machine with a gear box that contains 12 sets of precision gears, each with a shaft diameter of 60 mm. The entire forming process uses a gear box transmission to ensure smooth operation and product precision. Additionally, the machine is equipped with a hydraulic cutting system and a hydraulic pump with an air-cooled condenser, all designed to improve production efficiency and product quality.

The C-shaped steel solar panel bracket produced by Zhongtuo are not only lightweight, facilitating transportation and installation, but also exhibit excellent corrosion resistance, allowing them to withstand extreme and harsh environmental conditions for long-term use without damage. The design of these supports also considers aesthetics, enhancing the overall appearance of the solar panels, making the PV power generation system not only powerful in function but also harmonious and unified in appearance. In summary, Zhongtuo's C-shaped steel solar panel bracket are an excellent solution that combines practicality, durability, and aesthetics, suitable for various solar PV power generation projects.



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