Our Machine: A Bridge of Friendship Between China and Russia

2024-06-04 15:24:37 82

Recently, a group of Russian customers visited our factory to inspect its color steel tile machine and other products on-site. Witnessing the efficient and stable operation of Zhongtuo's roll forming machine, the Russian customers expressed high praise, particularly acknowledging the advantages of Zhongtuo's machine in terms of quality, performance, and service.


In addition to the color steel tile machine, Zhongtuo's glazed tile machine and ridge cap machine have also been well-received by Russian customers. These devices, with their exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design, fully demonstrate the charm of 'Made in China'. Led by new technologies and digital intelligence, Zhongtuo's machine helps customers expand into international markets, sharing a bright future together.


Moreover, Zhongtuo's gutter and downspout machines  have gained a good reputation in the Russian market. These machines have played a significant role in improving production efficiency and reducing labor intensity. The trust that Russian customers place in Zhongtuo's roll forming machine is the best testament to the continuous strength of China's manufacturing industry.


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