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At the heart of our manufacturing process stands the punching machine, the linchpin of our entire operation. This tough, 200-ton piece of equipment is designed to capture the interest of clients with its unique features. Deviating from the classic bottle design, we've included an innovative reservoir for a specialized chemical fluid. This fluid not only preserves the integrity of the material's surface during the punching process but also serves to cool the coils and punching needles, safeguarding against heat-related damage from continuous use.


The versatility of the punching machine is unmatched, as it can easily handle various client requests with differing hole configurations. Simplifying the mode-changing process, we've added four easily accessible switches, enabling operators to transition between settings without the need for additional tools. Operators can make adjustments either through the user-friendly PC control system or directly on the machine, ensuring swift and effortless transitions between different specifications.

We've also integrated an easy-to-use waste liquid collection system. A large collection box captures any excess fluid, keeping your factory floor clean and damage-free. Operators can control the machine from the PLC system or the machine-mounted counter, allowing for precise control over the length of the material being processed.

In addition, all electrical connections on the punching machine are made with aviation-grade plugs, ensuring a secure and simple plug-and-unplug experience for operators. This feature enhances the overall efficiency and user experience of our production line.



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