Successfully signed with Algerian customer

2024-05-25 14:35:37 121

Recently, in the wave of global industrial upgrading and intelligent transformation, Cangzhou Zhongtuo Roll Forming Machinery Co., Ltd.(ZTRFM)successfully signed slitting line project with the Algeria customer. This marks the continuous improvement of the competitiveness of China's industrial equipment in the international market and also provides strong support for the globalization of China's equipment manufacturing industry. Promoting industrial equipment towards high-performance, high-reliability, and low-energy consumption through digitalization and intelligence is an important task for China's equipment manufacturing industry at present." An expert from the Chinese Academy of Engineering stated.


Cangzhou Zhongtuo will provide Algerian customers with a series of cost-effective and durable cold roll forming machines, as well as digital and artificial intelligence remote operation and maintenance services. The following are the specific contents and highlights of the project.

1. Meeting Customer Needs with Cost-Effectiveness

In terms of roll forming machine selection, Cangzhou Zhongtuo fully considered the actual needs of Algerian customers and provided cost-effective equipment solutions. According to the project leader, these devices guarantee quality while offering competitive prices, helping customers reduce investment costs and improve production efficiency.

2. Digitalization and Intelligence

ZTRFM adopted digital design in the project, combining equipment with the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, and other technologies, achieving real-time monitoring of equipment operation status, fault prediction, and remote operation and maintenance. This innovative measure not only improved the efficiency of machine operation but also reduced the customer's operation and maintenance costs.

"According to our research, digital and intelligent technologies can reduce about 20% of operation and maintenance costs for enterprises and increase about 15% of production efficiency," an industry expert said.

3. Expert Opinion: Artificial Intelligence Boosts Equipment Manufacturing Industry Upgrade

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, more and more equipment manufacturers are beginning to pay attention to this field. The project signed by Cangzhou Zhongtuo this time is a epitome of the application of artificial intelligence in the equipment manufacturing industry.

"The application of artificial intelligence technology in equipment operation and maintenance helps to improve equipment reliability and production efficiency, and reduce operation and maintenance costs," an artificial intelligence expert said. "In the future, as technology continues to mature, artificial intelligence will play a greater role in the equipment manufacturing industry."


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