The demand for rack system machine is increasing

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The rapid development of the global logistics system has led to an increased demand for storage and express delivery points, which in turn has driven the need for shelves. The market demand for shelves is expected to come from shelf replacement and other factors. The shelf column is the main supporting component of the shelf and its design is the hub of the entire shelf system, directly related to the safety of the structure and the economy of use.

The common thickness of the shelf columns usually ranges from 1.5mm to 3.0mm.The upright pillar machine manufactured by Zhongtuo Roll Forming Machinery Co.,Ltd(ZTRFM) adopts an integrated machine for opening and feeding. Through a servo feeder, it enters an 80-ton mechanical punch press for hydraulic punching. After being formed and straightened by 18 sets of roller wheels, it undergoes hydraulic cutting. The material receiving table can choose either a roller conveyor receiving table or an electric permanent magnet handling type stacking machine. After cutting, the columns are automatically received and stacked.

ZTRFM uses advanced forming technology to ensure the profile and size of the columns are stable and reliable. According to different needs, various profiles and sizes of columns can be produced, suitable for the production of various types of shelves.

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